🍂🍁Fall Hair What To Wear?🍂🍁

🍂🍁Fall Hair What To Wear?🍂🍁


Is the question every woman toils with around this season? Hair is very much a fashion accessory that can make or break your fall looks. As the hair game evolves so do our options in hair trends. For the most part there’s your traditional seasonal go to looks such has a blunt cut bob, a lob, or 16,18,20 in bundles with layered curls.

The summer heat hasn’t been merciful to say the least and had has paused some of our hair goals. It was being too hot for a sew-in or too hot for a lace frontal inspiring many of us to try new protective styles like braids, crochets, wigs and natural hair twist outs. The beauty in these summer protective styles is that while our natural hair has been preserved and cocooning over the summer the fall is a Fantastic time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can strut you leave out with a sew-in with leave out, clip ins or a u-part wig, which ever route you choose bundles are back! With temperatures lowering we can enjoy some those voluminous and lengthy looks we love so much.


So spill the tea on FALL 2018 hair trends T!


-Very long bone straight hair dyed jet black or with an ombré of honey brown/blonde 20-28 inches.


-Pretty loose curl hair 18-26inches. These curls can be wanded or hand curled/flipped. Add a fall spice color to go with your olives, burgundy, brown, black, violet and cobalt outfits.


-Curly or deep wave hair is still in. I love it for year round but for the fall you can go a little longer 20-26 inches. I love this type of hair for the fall because it’s perfect for transitioning weather. Getting caught in the rain or transitioning humidity is no problem with these textures; the curls pop with the extra moisture. When it gets cooler out side bundles act as an extra warming mechanism.


-A blunt cut bob is a no brainer while I may have an itch for the bob, once its satisfied I’m over the look in about 2 weeks. I wouldn’t advise cutting your natural hair to achieve this look, I believe every girl should own a bob wig


What about me? Which of these looks would best suite me? This depends on what kind of girl you are. Either way, I encourage you to take it a step up as you would in any area of your life. A fashion forward hair consultant is very important in helping brainstorm your next slay so be inspired and bounce ideas off of your friends and trusted stylist.


Thanks for reading my first blog. Go and “Give looks”. Feel free to email, text or call us at Luxe Life Glam, let us help you get your fall 2018 look together!


Tabitha Ross

Luxe Life Glam 

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I always love a good bob!


Loved the various looks and ideas girl!! I may even try a color change. Hmmmm!!


I will def be doing something long! Great blog I needed the new ideas 😘


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