• We do specialize in sew-ins, custom wigs, closures and frontals.
  • We do color bundles.
  • We do sew bundles into custom wigs.
  • We do sew on and style wigs.
  • We do make-up applications.
  • We do sale hair.
  • We do require clients arrive with your natural hair washed clean, dried, detangled, sectioned and ready to be braided up for your install.
  • We do take down old installs.
  • We do wash hair.
  • We do reinstall used bundles. (Virgin Hair Only)
  • We do not apply relaxers or chemicals.
  • We do not do quick weaves.
  • We do not do short hairstyles.
  • We do not use any type of glue or adhesives.
  • We do not work behind other stylist work
  • We do not service clients with relaxers less than 1 month old.
  • We do not install unclean extensions.
  • We do not install cut up extensions.
  • We do not service tender headed clients.
  • We do not service clients more than 20 minutes late.
  • We do not allow extra non-serviced person in salon area.


Upon completion of every install stylist will hand the client a mirror making sure the install is to the client’s liking.  This is the client’s opportunity to inspect for any issues before leaving our shop. We do not fix hair once client has left our shop and all services are final and non-refundable.


Bundle Coloring Disclaimer: We can guarantee the outcome of color only with bundles purchased from (us) Luxe Life Glam. We work best with OUR bundles because we know its 100% raw virgin hair. Clients are welcome to bring in bundles purchased from other companies. If you choose coloring service, with non Luxe Life Glam bundles, we cannot guarantee the outcome since we are not sure of the origin of the hair. If its 100% virgin hair the color will come out as desired. Either way coloring is a non-refundable service. We color at $35 per bundle and $45 per bundle for specialty colors (colors that take more than 2 processes) such as light blondes, ash tones, red, blue, burgundy ect.  When you are ready to have your bundles colored email us at LuxeLifeGlam@gmail.com a picture of your hair color inspiration and we will match it!


Custom Wig Making- We highly recommend having your bundles sewn into a custom unit. Your bundles will last longer, your natural hair will grow and you will save money in the long run. Utilize our “One Stop Shop” services and email us at LuxeLifeGlam@gmail.com and we can create an invoice for your custom unit with our Luxe Life Glam bundles. If you would like to have non Luxe Life Glam bundles sewn into a wig simple go to our booking website: www.styleseat.com/LuxeLifeGlam and select create custom unit. This will be your appointment time to drop off your bundles and pay for your unit. You can also mail us your bundles simply email us at LuxeLifeGlam@gmail.com and we will provide you with our mailing address.


If any of the disclaimers are not met our stylist will be unable to service the client and an automatic non-refundable late cancelation fee will be charged. The amount depends on the service scheduled and specified in style seat when booking.